tratamiento de Hongos AxilasWhat are Funguses Armpits?

A fungus armpit is an infection by dye that it produces in the skin of the armpit (sobaco) that cause prurito, ardour and oscurecimiento of the skin under the arms.
The infection by funguses is what does that this condition of the skin also designate dermatofitosis or dye and only the suitable treatment for dye them can help to undo of her.
It dye it in the armpits is contagious,

It affects to the humans and to your favourite pets like dogs and cats and other animals. A pet infected can transmit it to the humans and vice versa.
Also it can obtain when being in contact with things contaminated. If it suspects that somebody or a pet has dye (often resembles this or this), is necessary a visit to the doctor to determine if it treats of dye or another thing. It is possible that the illness do not go back visible immediately when it has , but when a person or an animal have been exposed to her, exists the risk because the spores of dye it do not die easily and can keep on being a threat during a long period of time.

To the equal that in the infections by funguses in other areas of the body, a fungus of the armpit can be persistent given the high content of humidity (because of the sweat of the armpit), with little light (cover by the clothes) and heat (because of the corporal heat).

tratamiento de Hongos AxilasThat causes Funguses Armpits?

The common causes of the symptoms of the armpits include the infections by funguses and the slight inflammation of the skin, because this zone of the body is hot and humid.
Other causes of the symptoms of the armpits include injuries in the head and the neck, herpes zóster (infection by the virus of the herpes zoster), deficiencies of vitamins or mineral, and grave conditions like accident cerebrovascular.
Sintomas enfermedad Hongos Axilas
His skin has two main types of glands sudoríparas: glands ecrinas and glands apocrinas.
Herpes en las axilas The glands Eccrine estan on the greater part of his body and open directly on the surface of the skin.When the corporal temperature increases, the glands ecrinas secretan flowed on the surface of the skin, where cools his body to measure that evaporates . This fluid composes mainly of water and salt.
Herpes en las axilas The glands apocrinas develop in abundant areas in the follicles pilosos, like the armpits and the groin, and vacían in the follicle piloso just before it open to the surface of the skin.
The glands apocrinas produce a dairy liquid that it is more commonly segregado when you are low emotional stress. This liquid is odourless until it combines with the bacteria that find usually in the skin.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilas A fungus of the armpit is caused by funguses of the skin, generally in the skin or moulds dermatofitos, that consume the superficial layers of the skin.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas Medically, a mould of the skin knows like an infection by dye and an infection micótica of the armpit knows like tinea axillaris.
However the majority of the armpits infections by funguses can extend further of the zone of the armpit to the surrounding skin and is common to refer to the infection like tinea corporis (infection by funguses in the body) that involves the armpit.
A yeast of the skin or the candidiasis cutaneous also can be responsible.

Whereas a fungus armpit is caused by funguses of the skin, the infection presents generally like result of other factors predisponentes that they can cause breaks in the skin.
In terms of a fungus of the armpit, the local conditions are the main factors that contribute to that they can cause initially an eruption of the armpit that afterwards is infected by a fungus.
Often, a fungus armpit can occur like result of the secondary propagation, where strands or spores of funguses are transferred from other areas of the body because of the rayado with the fingers or with a towel in both areas after the bathroom.

Medicamentos para curar Hongos AxilasYou cause funguses armpits by compression ?

Causas Herpes en axilas Fracture or dislocación that compresses a nerve or another fabric and causes pain in the armpits or hormigueo

Causas Herpes en axilas Hernia discal that compresses a nerve and causes entumecimiento or hormigueo under the arm

Causas Herpes en axilas Injury in the neck, the shoulder or the back that compresses or damages the médula spinal or a nerve, causing hormigueo or entumecimiento.

Causas Herpes en axilas Pressure in a nerve of an increasing mass or tumor inside the body that causes pain or hormigueo

Medicamentos para curar Hongos AxilasYou cause illnesses funguses armpits ?

The symptoms of the armpits also can be caused by a variety of illnesses or conditions :
Causas Herpes en axilasCancer of the skin or soft fabrics under the arm
Causas Herpes en axilasIncrease of the lymphatic ganglions under the arm that are the result of a local cancer or metastásico
Causas Herpes en axilasInfection micótica or bacteriana of the skin of the armpits
Causas Herpes en axilasHidradenitis supurativa (abscesos Of gland sudorípara type cyst)
Causas Herpes en axilasInfection of the follicles pilosos under the arm
Causas Herpes en axilasInfection that drives to agrandamiento of the lymphatic ganglions under the arm
Causas Herpes en axilasInfections like herpes zóster (herpes zóster)
Causas Herpes en axilasMultiple sclerosis (illness that affects the brain and the médula spinal, causing weakness, difficulties of coordination and balance)
Causas Herpes en axilasConvulsions in the body
Causas Herpes en axilasAttack isquémico transitory (temporary symptoms of accident cerebrovascular that they can be a sign of warning of an accident cerebrovascular imminent)
Causas Herpes en axilasAllergy or sensitivity like dermatitis of contact, applied directly to the armpit like a deodorant
Causas Herpes en axilasPoisoning by heavy metals
Causas Herpes en axilasSecondary effects or interactions of the medication
Causas Herpes en axilasRadiation or radiotherapy in the sobaco
Causas Herpes en axilasTrauma to the zone under the arm
Causas Herpes en axilasDeficiency of vitamin B12 (as in the anaemia perniciosa)

treatment of underarm fungiWhich symptoms Funguses Armpits?

The symptoms of the armpits include any symptom that appears under the arms or in the sides of his torso.
The symptoms that can appear under his arms include moretones, changes in the skin, pain, eruption or picazón, hormigueo or ardour, or bultos in the armpits.
The fungus in the likely armpit can propagate through the contact with the leaves of littered and pieces to dress of the armpit when touching it.

Wash the clothes of bed and not using shirts or bras twice followed without before wash them.
The same occurs with other objects, like almohadas and blankets of sofa, even if they do not find in his bedroom, but can have been contaminated.
Depending of the type of fungus, that even can be necessary have a veterinary throws a glimpse to his pets to ensure that they are not contaminated also.
The anatomical term for the area of the armpit is the armpit. The symptoms of the armpits vary widely in the gravity and the underlying cause.
Because of the big variety the possible causes, is important to determine what is causing the funguses of the armpits that last some days.
The causes of the symptoms of the armpits can vary from infections, like herpes zóster, to axillary lymphatic nodules inflated of an infection, to a tumor canceroso.
The treatment and the possible complications of the symptoms of the armpits depend on the cause of these symptoms.

treatment of underarm fungiSintomas Herpes Armpits?

Symptoms in the armpits can accompany to the symptoms in other areas of the body, that vary depending on the underlying illness, disorder or condition of the infeccion.

Medicines to cure underarm fungusOther symptoms of the infeccion :

que son hongos en axilasFatigarse Without apparent reason.
que son hongos en axilasUnrest in the body or lethargy in the actions.
que son hongos en axilasMuscular weakness without apparent reason.
que son hongos en axilasEntumecimiento In the same area of the armpits or near.
que son hongos en axilasPain in the zone of the armpits or near.
que son hongos en axilasEruption in the armpits, especially an eruption that occurs to in a side of the torso.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasConvulsions along the body.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasSudden change in the vision, loss of the vision or pain in the eyes.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasLoss of weight inexplicable.

Medicamentos para curar Hongos AxilasSymptoms of grave condition

In some cases, the symptoms of the armpits can occur with other symptoms that could indicate a grave condition that has to be evaluated immediately in some surroundings of emergency.
Look for immediate medical attention (call to the sanitary services) if you, or somebody with the one who you is, has symptoms of armpits .
Together with other grave symptoms .
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasHigh fever (more than 40 degrees).
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasInability to move the arm or the shoulder.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasMuscular weakness in the body.
tratamientos para  hongos en axilasSevere pain in the articulations.
treatments for fungi in the armpitsAbsceso Of skin or underlying fabric with rojez.

treatments for fungi in the armpitsHow diagnose Funguses Armpits?

With analysis of blood and urine can show the infection or of the renal function.
With ultrasound of X-rays, computerized tomography or magnetic resonance can show a renal calculation or other causes of his pain.
It can him administer liquid of contrast to help to his urinary tract see better in the photos.
Say him to the doctor if some time has had an allergic reaction to the liquid contrast.
Not going in in the chamber of rays with any object of metal.
The metal can cause grave injuries. Say him to the professional of the health if has any metal inside or on his body.

treatments for fungi in the armpitsCouncils Funguses Armpits?

Some people sweat more or less that other people.
The corporal smell also can vary of a person to another person.

Pomadas para curar Hongos AxilasIt consult to a doctor?

If suddenly you begin to sweat a lot or less than the usual.
The sudoración interrupts his daily routine.
You experiences nocturnal sweats without apparent reason
It will notice a change in his corporal smell.
Look for immediate medical attention for any grave symptom, including the apparition of nodules or nodules without pain in the armpits, a severely painful eruption in the armpits or an entumecimiento unexplained or hormigueo in the armpits.

Pomadas para curar Hongos AxilasIt command to analyse the funguses?

In the majority of cases, a sample of crop of funguses, that takes of the caspa of the top, sends to a laboratory for his analisis.
Like funguses under the arms to do that the infection by funguses in the majority of the remarkable cases like reddish, generally alive edges discoloration of the skin.
After some time, can observe an annular eruption, that is connected with an infestación strong with picazón and ardour.
However, it has to rayar at all the points, as it can form a new surface rugosa.
The warm and humid environment of some areas of the skin, as between the fingers, in the groin or under the armpits are particularly vulnerable to the infections by funguses, since these are the conditions preferred for the pathogenic funguses.
The skin under the armpit is predestinado for the infections by funguses, since they can penetrate better in the skin reblandecida and multiply there.

treatments for fungi in the armpitsTreatments of the Funguses Armpits?

Pomadas para curar Hongos Axilas
In the first signs of Funguses in Armpits, can use medicines without recipe like creams anti-dye or ointments.
The treatment for a fungus of armpit is similar to the of an infection by funguses in the skin in other parts of the body. The creams, lotions or geles antimicóticos topical are usually effective to eradicate any fungus of the skin and have to continue during 4 to 6 weeks. The typical dose is an application twice a day after the period recommended.
It would have to have positive results observed after some days of topical use of the preparation. Terbanafine, Miconazole, Undecylenic Acid and Tolnafate are some of the applications known of the skin of dye it available free.
The doctors also can prescribe oral medicines if necessary.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilasMedicines antifúngicos commonplaces for funguses in the armpits are generally the first line of treatment for the infections of dye in the armpits.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas Creams for funguses in armpits- These are not so effective like pomadas for the skin for the treatment of dye it armpit, but can be used for the first stages of the infection.
The creams that contain clotrimazol, econazol, ketoconazol or the derivatives of imidazol are active in front of a lot of derivatives of funguses dermatofitos and Candida including the yeast.
If the eruption is extremely spicy and irritante, also can apply on the counter 1% cream of hidrocortisona.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas Lotions against funguses - The lotions are generally forms of creams mentioned previously dilute.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas A dust antifúngico can be useful to reduce the accumulation of sweat in the area, to the time that guarantees that the fungus of the skin do not reestablish in the area affected. Use loose and thin clothes to allow a suitable ventilation in the area. Although an infection by funguses is a condition of the skin with comezón, avoid rascarse the most possible.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas The ointments that contain azoles exert activity antifúngica and are generally the best ways to administer the drug to the skin to provide a barrier.

Pomadas para curar Hongos AxilasSolutions to cure Funguses in Armpits?

Solutions are excellent for the treatment of the infections of dye in all those parts of the body that has a good quantity of peel.
Therefore, the solutions that contain ketoconazol can use in the scalp, the groin, and the region of the armpit.
These can or not being to base of alcohol.

tratamientos para  hongos en axilas Dusts against the funguses in the armpit - These are the popular remedies for the treatment of dye it in the armpits however, are not the most effective.
This is because of the fact that the dusts are not absorbed by the skin.
They are, however, quite effective in the prevention of infections pedis and tinea cruris Tinea.

If, in spite of using the medicines of topical use in his armpit cutaneous eruption by funguses, you does not see any mejoría, the best is to consult to a dermatólogo immediately.
It is possible that need medicines antimicóticos oral recetados together with topical medicines stronger for the resolution of the eruption

Pomadas para curar Hongos Axilas Home-made remedies treat Funguses Armpits?

It is possible that have heard to speak of some articles of kitchen to work like a treatment for dye them, like the vinegar, the ginger, the garlic, the lemon, the salt, etc.
But these do not have scientific proofs. However, they recognise to minimise the uncomfortable itching caused by the infection fúngica. But if it wants to be sure to obtain the suitable treatment, can be better visit to his doctor. Regarding his dogs or cats, a veterinary can ensure him the best management.
It take into account that it dye it it is highly contagious.
Even if the members of his home or some of his pets do not show any symptom, but knows that it produced an exhibition, is possible that the illness already have been detected and that the treatment already was necessary.

treatments for fungi in the armpitsWarn the Funguses Armpits?

Preventive steps to avoid cutaneous eruptions fúngicas of the armpits.

  • Avoid the use of clothes adjusted done of artificial fibres.
  • The best is to air and dry the area with the use of cotton without sleeves of the T-shirts when it was possible.
  • Avoid the irritacion by the use of deodorants contain rough chemical products that they can aggravate even more the skin.
  • Wash all the clothes in hot water to kill the spores of funguses.
  • It do not share personal articles like shaving blades, underwear or clothes with the other since this could propagate the spores of funguses.
  • Avoid shave the fluff of the armpits until the eruption have cured completely.
  • This is due to that, follicles pilosos can obtain embodied because of the shaved that drives to other infections like the foliculitis.
  • Practise good habits of hygiene like ducharse to the day, especially after playing sports of contact, like fight, etc.
  • It use soaps against bacteria in the armpits, shampoos antifúngicos dye, etc.
  • While it bathes to treat and warn the eruptions of dye it of the armpits.
  • Avoid rascarse the zone since this could propagate the spores of the funguses of the armpits to other healthy zones of the skin.
  • For the itching in the armpits, can use cream of hidrocortisona or oil of coconut, even pure that it is known by antifúngicas and antimicrobic properties.
  • It drink a lot of liquid and call to his doctor if a supplement multi vitamins and minerals can help to improve his immune function.
  • Ensure to wash meticulously the hands with water and soap after the manipulation of the pets.
  • It use desinfectante to wash the things of his pet, like dishes, toys, clothes of bed and paraphernalia of aseo personal.
  • It refuse the articles that can be contaminated but that can not disinfect.
  • It clean regularly his surroundings and this includes the aspiración regular of his flat to take out pelos of animals where can remain the spores of dye.
  • Due to the fact that it also can obtain it of other people, avoid to share personal articles, included the clothes.
  • When it use public showers like which find in the gymnasiums, use zapatillas to avoid the contact with dermatofitos, the funguses that can cause an infection.
  • This is an important part of the prevention of dye it in the armpit.

  • treatments for fungi in the armpitsComplications funguses armpits?

    The symptoms of the hogos in the armpits vary widely in the gravity and the underlying cause.
    The slight causes of the symptoms of the armpits, like a follicle piloso inguinal or an eruption of an allergy deodorant, often resolve without permanent complications.
    The gravest causes of the symptoms of the armpits, like the lymphatic ganglions agrandados because of the cancer of breast, can have complications much graver and even can put in danger the life.
    Due to the fact that the symptoms of the armpits can be due to grave illnesses, the fault of treatment can result in grave complications and permanent damages.

    treatments for fungi in the armpitsWhen I have to look for help ?

    Some people can not looking for immediately the treatment of dye it because of the fault of understanding of what really causes the illness and how can avoid . Again, the worms do not cause it and appoint like such because it characterises by a red outline cancel that it forms in several places of the skin, even in the armpits, in the buttocks, in the groin and around the eyes. No only it appears in the skin, but also in the nails of the feet and the nails, doing them thick, fragile and of yellow colour.
    It dye it also it can cause discoloration of the skin.

    If the fungus of the armpit does not show improvement or worsens, visit to a doctor.

    Some funguses are difficult to delete of the prescription-strength and without ointments antibiotics, and also there is the possibility that it have diagnosed to himself same.
    A lot of professionals of the health can do a diagnostic of a glimpse, especially if the fungus is something common, as it dye it .
    In some cases, can be that raspar the fungus to examine it in a laboratory to be 100 percent sure of the fungus for the necessary treatment.

    Once that it diagnoses the underlying cause, is important that follow the plan of treatment that you and his professional of medical attention design specifically to reduce.

    The best form to treat the infection in the armpits is the more rapidamente possible.
    Due to the fact that go back to infect is common, the best is to ensure that it realise a suitable and complete treatment to guarantee that the cause of dye it in the armpits, was suppressed absolutely.

    treatments for fungi in the armpits Like treating dye it in animals?

    The treatment of dye it for his dogs or cats includes the same medicines used in humans, but can require for recortar the peel of the animal for the effective application of topical measures.
    The cut also will reduce the number of spores of dye that they can be presents in the hair.
    The bathroom with medicines twice by week during a minimum of 3 to 8 weeks also can be necessary using a solution of sulphur of cal.
    Important note delete the peel of animals that can have spores hit to them of the flat and other surfaces of his house.
    The spores are able to survive of 1 to 2 years.

    Risk of complications with the funguses :
    Adverse effects of the treatment, Amputation, Linfedema (swell caused by blockade of the lymphatic channels), Paralysis, Cicatrisation and desfiguración of the skin, Propagation of the cancer, Propagation of the infection, Inconsciencia and comma, Weakness (loss of strength).

    Farmacos Funguses Armpits?

    Like treating Herpes Zoster?

    Like treating Genital Herpes

    Like treating Labial Herpes?

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