how to treat seminal vesiculitis What is Vesiculitis Seminal?

The vesiculitis seminal is an inflammation and often an infection of one or both glands vesiculares, the majority of the secondary times to the prostatitis, although it can occur of independent form.
The impotence or the dysfunction eréctil is a disorder that self-evident like an inability to attain or keep a state of erection for the sexual relations. This illness is suffered by million men all over the world and, according to the statistics, affects at least to one of each ten patients.

how to treat seminal vesiculitis The vesiculitis seminal is caused mainly by Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus and And. Coli.
This condition occurs often in the men of 20 and 40 years, with the typical blood simé The vesiculitis seminal is used to to occur secundariamente to the prostatitis; however, it can occur independently also. The immediate treatment of the prostatitis has to do with the end to warn the progression of the prostatitis in the vesiculitis seminal.
The inflammation of the seminal vesicles knows like Vesiculitis Seminal.
The vesiculitis is an illness urológica that self-evident in the inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
In the result, the disorder of the masculine reproductive function and the infertility can develop.
The majority of the times this illness does not occur like a unit nosológica separate, but like consequence of any another illness infecciosa in the masculine reproductive system (prostatitis, uretritis and epididimitis).

There are two types of vesiculitis seminal: Vesiculitis acute and Seminal chronic.

The vesiculitis seminal often produces with prostatitis.
The main symptom is the hematospermia, that is to say, the sperm mixes with red blood or of colour coffee.

how to treat seminal vesiculitis That they are the seminal vesicles?

The seminal vesicles represent an organ matched, situated on the prostatic gland. They are of small size (thickness of until 1 cm, width no upper to 2 cm, long of 6 to 8 cm), have a form holgada. The backside of the seminal vesicles confines with the septo vesicoureteral, and the previous to the bladder.
In the body, distinguish the body and the neck, that happens to the pipes. The peritoneum only closes the inferior part of the vesicles. More than two thirds of them are out of the peritoneum.

The main purpose of the seminal vesicles associates with the reproductive function: they produce flowed seminal. When it occurs the ejaculation, this liquid obtains sperm. Afterwards it adds him the secret of the prostate, after which goes out to the light.

The phenomena inflamatorios in the seminal vesicles denote with the word "vesiculitis". The condition is quite serious. Generally, it is of nature infecciosa and can cause infertility . Very often, the vesiculitis is caused by pathogenic bacteria. Between them Ecoli, gonococcus, staphylococcus a number of others. Often, the vesiculitis occurs in the context of other inflammations of the genital area (orquitis, uretritis, prostatitis). But in some men, can turn into a complication of illnesses like the flu or the angina of breast.

how to treat seminal vesiculitis  

how to treat seminal vesiculitisThe seminal vesicles

They are the trainings located in the immediate vicinity of a prostate and that have a species of tube twisted that in the type enderezado has a length of until 12 cm, and enderezado almost in 2 times less.
The vesicles find lateralmente (from the side) from the deferential pipe, between the rectum and the bottom of the bladder.
Each seminal vesicle produces a liquid part of the sperm that frees through the pipe eyaculador in the base of the seminal tuber in the part of the prostate of the urethra.

how to treat seminal vesiculitis Pathogens of vesiculitis

The agents causantes of the vesiculitis in the big majority of the cases were gonococos (until 80%), but with the introduction of drugs antibiotics in the medical practice, his specific gravity diminished significantly, since the gonorrea in the rare men time is very violent at present.
The espermatocistitis modern is caused with greater frequency by streptococcuses, estafilococos, And. coli And some other microorganisms. Occasionally - Mycobacterium tuberculosis, if there is tuberculosis urogenital.
Some times the main cause of the development of vesiculitis is the stagnation in the small pelvis (for example, stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis) or directly in the seminal vesicles (for example, when the flow of content of seminal vesicles alters during a prolonged period). Hour).

how to treat seminal vesiculitis I diagnose Vesiculitis Seminal?

The vesiculitis acute can diagnose realising an examination of fingers and an echography through the rectum. Besides, they analyse the urine, the spermatozoids and the fluid of seminal vesicles. The composition of the blood examines without fail.
Very often, the vesiculitis combines with prostatitis chronic . Roughly 5% of the men diagnosed with these two illnesses simultaneously. This explains of way very simple: the vesicles are connected to the prostatic gland through the pipe eyaculador. If the prostate has inflammation, can happen quickly to the seminal vesicles. Initially, the illness develops , at all shows . But over time, the symptoms still do feel.

More than two thirds of the patients with chronic pathology can explain by phenomena of stagnation in the pelvic area. Therefore, the men in risk devote to the work of office and carry a sedentary life. Besides, the factors that influence negatively are: fault of regular sexual contacts, immunity reduced, fault of dream, nervous tension constant. In such situations, the development of the illness can cause any microbe that have penetrated in the gland.
In roughly 30% of the patients, the vesiculitis chronic occurs if the acute form of the illness has not treated properly, or in other chronic processes in the genital. The diagnostic confirms by ultrasound.

how to treat seminal vesiculitis Methods of diagnostic :

how to treat seminal vesiculitis Digital rectal examination

That it has to realise with a lot of care to avoid the propagation of the infection to the others organs; Analysis of the secret in the seminal vesicles.
It is the method of basic diagnostic for the suspicion of vesiculitis. The inspection carries out of this way: the patient puts squatting and the doctor realises the rectal examination with the index finger. If the ampollas have inflammation, the painful stamps are palpable above the prostate.
A specialist can detect two trainings that find to the left and the right side of the gland prostá will feel a follicle in shape of pear, painful to the touch with a firm and elastic structure.

sintomas de la vesiculitis seminal Analysis of seminal vesicles of download

The procedure begins with an enjuague of bladder through the catéter. Afterwards full with solution isotónica of chloride of sodium. After this, realises the massage of the seminal vesicle and the patient administers the urine for his analysis. Method - shows 4-5-glass. Visualmente, is possible to detect a mix of blood, pus and sperm. The microscope allows to obtain a greater number of leucocytes, erythrocytes, pathological spermatozoids, detect pathogenic.

sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma Metodo Vesicología

One of the standard methods of examination with vesicles. It gives him to the doctors the opportunity to exclude some other illnesses: sarcoma and tuberculosis. It refers to technical invasivas. Using a special team, enters a contrast in the pipe. Before this, has to do a cut in the area of the scrotum. When it enters an agent of contrast, realises an examination of X-rays. With vesicles, the image shows an increase in the vesicles. His walls thicken , detect changes in the relief of the surface.

sintomas de la vesiculitis seminal With Ultrasound

When using ultrasound, can obtain information detailed on the structural changes in the vesicles. One can see clearly his increase or deformation.
sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma With Tomography Computed
With the help of this modern method of diagnostic, can obtain a more precise image of the seminal vesicles. The main disadvantage of the procedure is his costly cost. Therefore, rare time uses . Generally, the diagnostic realises using methods simpler.

sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma Investigation of laboratory

When it suspects of vesiculitis, a man is referred for such proofs:
  • Examination of blood. With an infection bacteriana, increases the quantity of white globules. The index is higher.
  • Analysis of urine (complete). In patients with vesiculitis can find leucocytes, blood, pathogens.
  • Study of sperm. The erythrocytes, leucocytes, bacteria, abnormal spermatozoids detect in the context of a decrease in the total number of spermatozoids, a decrease of the fructosa.

  • how to treat seminal vesiculitis If it develops paravesiculitis
    The outlines of the seminal vesicle are difficult of palpar because they are diffuse.
    Also there is an infiltrated dense and diffuse, painful for palpar.
    When analysing the content of the seminal vesicles, will increase the concentration of leucocytes and erythrocytes and east is the first sign of a process inflamatorio in the vesicles.

    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma Factors that cause vesiculitis aseptic

    Form of life hipodinámica;
    Sexual life too active;
    Work when a man has to seat by a long time;

    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma Types of vesiculitis in the men

    The symptoms and the treatment in the vesiculitis depend on the clinical presentation of the illness.
    There are several classifications of inflammation in the seminal vesicles based in the location and the changes anatomopatológicos.
    Surgery of the drainage of the place
    Depending of the clinical picture, there is:

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Vesiculitis Acute; Vesiculitis chronic?

    Taking into account the extension of the process inflamatorio, distinguish the following types of illness:
    Unilateral; Bilateral.
    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma The vesiculitis seminal diagnoses with the analysis of semen and the digital rectal examination (DRE).
    Some times realises an analysis of blood.
    The analysis of semen realises to verify if there is big quantity of white globules and red globules.
    The crop of the semen also is necessary to check if there is an infection.
    Sometimes the vesiculitis is a consequence of illnesses infecciosas of other organs and systems (flu, parainfluenza, amigdalitis or osteomielitis).
    Estadísticamente, the vesiculitis affects mainly to men with prostatitis chronic.
    Nowadays, the number of men with vesiculitis is growing quickly.
    It can explain by several factors: The way of life of a man; Environment; genetic Factors.
    The prevention of the vesiculitis is one of the key challenges in the urology of today.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Clasificacion Vesiculitis Seminal?

    Generally, the inflammation in the seminal vesicles produces from both sides.
    Also there is classification that bases in the changes anatomopatológicos:

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Vesicula Catarral Or Superficial.

    It characterises by an inflammation only in the layer mucosa of the seminal vesicles.
    It is hiperémico, thickness with infiltration.
    The vesicle agranda and has purulentos or mixes of blood.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Vesicula Deep.

    Unlike catarral, vesiculitis deep affects no only the layer mucosa, but also submucosa and the muscles.
    The wall goes back thicker with appearance of pus inside her. The vesicle is agrandada and can have absceso in his wall.
    Empyema of the seminal vesicle.
    It occurs when the abscesos join in vesiculitis deep and the vesicle full of content purulento.
    If this process does not treat , appears empyema.
    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Vesicula Paravesiculitis.
    It develops when the inflammation extends to the cellular fabric that surrounds the seminal vesicles.
    Vesiculitis In the men ,the symptoms of an acute form of the illness
    The acute phase in the vesiculitis hard several days (generally a week) and has a series of specific symptoms:
    The clinical signs are progressing quickly in the youngsters.
    If it does not treat , the vesiculitis seminal acute, that is to say, the inflammation in the seminal vesicles, will turn into a chronic form and will give place to :

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Sintomas Vesiculitis Seminal?

    • Have Hyperthermia feeling of cold
    • Pain in the region ilíaca, Entrepierna and rectum;
    • Pain aggravated during the ejaculation and defecation;
    • The pain irradia to the lumbar and sacral region, the anus and the entrepierna;
    • Hematospermia Develops ;
    • Increase of the sexual excitation;
    • Frequent spontaneous erection;
    • Pain during the sex;
    • Without taking into account the number of sexual relations, the excitation does not relieve .
    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Symptoms In the vesiculitis chronic
    The pain is not so intense, is persistent and located in the entrepierna, the anus and the sacral region.
    The typical symptoms are the disorder of the urination, problems with the sexual activity, painful ejaculation and in veto them of blood of sperm can appear.
    The chronic process is used to to be complicated by the empyema of the seminal vesicle, paravesiculitis or peritonitis.
    This occurs because the content of the seminal vesicles goes in in the urinary tract and in the abdominal cavity.
    The vesiculitis chronic also can complicate by the tromboflebitis of the plexus vesicoprostatico.
    If it does not treat , the infection can propagate to the epidídimo and drive to the masculine infertility.
    Diagnostic of vesiculitis

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Causes of Vesiculitis Seminal?

    The cause of the vesiculitis there are two forms to transmit the infection to the vesicles: from the blood or the deferential pipes (ascending). The process can be acute and chronic. It depends on which symptomatology will manifest the illness.
    It can vary a lot, since the causes bacterianas, virales and no identified have been blamed of the contagion of the Vesiculitis Seminal.
    Because of the expense of the antibiotic and curanderos to administer the treatment, the treatment on a long-term basis with antimicrobic does not guarantee unless one first recolecte a sample of fluent vesicular seminal and determine that an infection bacteriana is in fact present.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Causes of vesiculitis seminal?

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis  
    Depending of the factor, distinguish the following types of inflammation in the seminal vesicles:
    • Infeccioso; Aseptic.
    • The vesiculitis infecciosa is caused more often by:
      Microflora coccal (estafilococos, streptococcuses);
    • The intestinal bacteria. The infection can go in in the prostatic gland or in the colon through the deferential pipe or with blood.
    • With frequency, the infection is caused by the decrease of the immunity or the excessive loss of heat.
      In boys, the vesiculitis can be the result of a congenital anomaly in the system urogenital when the infection goes in in the seminal vesicles with urine.
    • The vesiculitis aseptic produces because of the pelvic venous congestion, in the long run abstinence of the sex already a low tone of the vesicles of semen. The causes of the vesiculitis are many, including bacterianas, virales and other no identifiable causes.

    • how to treat seminal vesiculitis The causes and factors of risk of the vesiculitis seminal include:

    • Bacteria that can go in in the seminal vesicles via urethra.
    • The inflammation of the testicle or of the epidídimo can propagate locally and drive to vesiculitis seminal.
    • The infection of the prostate, rectum or bladder can propagate directly to the seminal vesicles and cause vesiculitis seminal.
    • Other infections or injuries, like the amigdalitis and the gingivitis also can cause vesiculitis seminal, since the bacterium travels through the blood vessels.
    • The factors that cause the congestion of the prostate or the seminal vesicles can result in vesiculitis seminal acute, like the excessive consumption of alcohol, the suffering of cold, excessive sexual relations, damages in the perineal area and prolonged pressure.
    • Any obstruction of the blood to the perineal area.
    • Excessive heat in the body.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Symptoms of Vesiculitis Seminal?

    In the vesiculitis seminal chronic, the symptom of pain is present just above the region of the pubis upper and in the perineal area.
    • The pain worsens after the ejaculation.
    • The pesadez and the pain in the rectal region that aggravates by the urination and the defecation is also another sign and symptom of vesiculitis seminal.
    • Problems with the urination like frequent urination, urgent urination, ardour when urinating.
    • Signs of difficulty to the vaciar the bladder. Greater frequency of broadcast that can be purulenta and bloody. Blood in semen (hematospermia) and urine (hematuria).
    • Weakness generalised.
    • Symptoms of fever and shivers in case of vesiculitis acute seminal.
    • The painful ejaculation can be a sign of vesiculitis seminal.
    • Decrease of the sexual wish is one of the signs of vesiculitis.
    • Espermatorrea.
    • Precocious ejaculation.
    • Blood in the semen. The red or pink semen sees , sometimes the clots of blood can be found in liquid of the semen.
    • Urinary unrest. Pain when urinating, ardour when urinating, urgent urination, frequent urination are all possible symptoms of vesiculitis seminal.
    • Abdominal pain. The inferior abdominal pain is typical, the pain can propagate locally in the pelvic area until the perineal area or the groins.
    • The deaf pain in the pubis upper with perineal unrest occurs often in men with vesiculitis seminal chronic.
    • The vesiculitis acute seminal can cause fever and cold.
    • The blood in the urine is one of the acute symptoms of vesiculitis seminal.
    • Under sexual wish, ED, the precocious ejaculation can occur in men with vesiculitis seminal chronic.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Treatment Vesiculitis Seminal?

    The treatment of the vesiculitis seminal is used to to be the same with the treatment with prostatitis.
    The condition of the patient sees facilitated by antiespasmódicos and analgesics. It recommends prescribe alone antibiotics after studying the sensitivity to them. For the therapy antibacteriana, such medicines can be used: fluoroquinolonas ( Ciprofloxacina , Levofloxacina), nitrofuranos (Furadonin, Furagin), tetraciclinas ( Doxiciclina ), macrólidos ( Azitromicina , Eritromicina), cefalosporinas (Cefalexina, Ceftriaxona ).

    The antibiotics and the drugs anti-inflammatories prescribe often to treat this illness.
    The medicine herbaria "pill diurética and antiinflamatoria" also has showed to be effective to cure the vesiculitis seminal, has helped to thousands of men to undo of the symptoms of vesiculitis seminal.

    If a patient suffers vesiculitis acute, has to restrict his physical activity and remain in the bed.
    To relieve the pain, a patient can use Papaverine and Novalgin (Analgin).
    If the pain is very strong, can prescribe Promedol.
    The bromides are effective if a man has increased the sexual excitation.
    To relieve the hyperemia, prescribe suppositories with agents narcotics and ergoticos.
    Besides, the treatment of the vesiculitis with antibiotics is compulsory.
    For this end use antibiotics of wide spectrum, as well as nitrofuranos and sulfanilamides.

    The treatment of the vesiculitis chronic is the same that in the acute form of the illness.
    The only difference is that the chronic form can be complicated and the complications need a special therapy.
    For a successful recovery, needs a diet of antimicrobic medicines selected properly. The doses and the length of the treatment are determined only by the doctor tratante.

    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma You can treat the vesiculitis in the home only if his doctor allows it.
    The treatment of the vesiculitis Seminal with natural remedies is forbidden.
    This explains by the fact that the process can extend to other organs with irreversible consequences.
    Prognosis in vesiculitis
    The prognosis depends of the moment in that the patient receives medical assistance, the cause of the illness and his form. Generally, the prognosis in the vesiculitis is favourable.
    However, a vesiculitis bilateral can turn into masculine infertility. They administer antibiotics for the treatment of the vesiculitis seminal.
    The patient has to rest to keep the intestinal movements without obstruction any.
    The doctors also can recetar medicines anti-inflammatories to treat the vesiculitis seminal.
    The patient has to practise the sexual abstinence.
    It avoid the spicy foods and the alcoholic drinks.
    Comma a healthy diet and balanced.
    It treat to keep relaxed and positive by the meditation and keep occupied in some hobby.

    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma Surgical treatment for the Vesiculitis Seminal:
    it is studying A new surgical method in which the pipe eyaculador is dilated and the seminal vesicle is purgada with a scope.
    This procedure designates technical endoscópica of the seminal tract transuretral.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Complications Vesículitis Seminal?

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis  
    A grave condition of the illness is the supuración of the vesicles, known like empyema. This position has a symptomatology pronounced. In the area of the groin and the sacrum there is strong painful feelings. It observes a brusque increase of the temperature.
    The patient experiences weakness, is shivering. In this case, the urgent hospitalisation is indicated for the operation. It can not delay with the treatment, of the contrary the process will extend even more, until the development of the sepsis. And this already is fatal. Another complication of the vesiculitis is the infertility. With the prolonged inflammation, the vesicles can dry and no longer will realise his function. In this case, the loss of fertility will go back irreversible.

    Besides, the inflammation of the seminal vesicles drives to problems in the intimate life. A man can break the function eréctil and reduce the quality of the orgasm.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Home-made treatments Seminal Vesicles?
    The home-made treatments including alternative remedies often can be effective to treat vesicles or ampollas.
    To cuidar an open vesicle or broken, wash the area with water and soap or use peroxide of hydrogen to clean the wound.
    You can use an ointment antibiotic without recipe to warn the infection.
    It cover the area with a vendaje clean to protect it.
    sintomas de vesicula seminal enferma The natural treatments
    For vesicles that have not been rasgadas or drained include:
    aloe Edge, that is painkiller and has properties anti-inflamatorias vinegar of cider of apple, that has properties anti-inflamatorias and antibacterianas to reduce the swell and help to dry the vesicle was oil of tree of tea, that has properties antibacterianas and astringentes Usually does not advise do burst a vesicle.
    Can leave the open area to the infection and do that it take more time for sanar.
    Unless the vesicle go back big and excepcionalmente painful, leave it without touching is better.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Farmacos Seminal vesicles?

    como tratar la vesiculitis seminal  
    sintomas de vesicula seminal enfermaTreatment of vesiculitis with antibiotics The treatment of the vesiculitis with antibiotics depends of the agent infeccioso of the illness.
    Generally, to the patients them recetan antibiotics eat: ampicillin, cefalosporinas and others.
    Besides, recetan medicines antibacterianos chemists: nitroxolina, urotraktin, gramurina and analgesics in shape of rectal suppositories: anestecina and others.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitisIt consider the treatment of the vesiculitis with antibiotics: If the vesiculitis is caused by the estafilococo white, And. Coli, recommend the following groups of medicines antibacterianos: Macrólidos, Eritromicina, Tetraciclinas, Doxiciclina, Sumamed, Nitrofuranos and others.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Treatments and Farmacos Vesicula Seminal

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Prognosis of vesiculitis seminal ?
    His perspective depends on the underlying cause. If his vesicles are caused by an allergic reaction or dermatitis of contact, typically will recover entirely after the treatment. The gravest cases of vesicles can be a result of his genetics or an infection with a virus, by what the vesicles can go back to occur along his life. A suitable treatment can relieve his symptoms. However, if you has a chronic condition, is likely that the vesicles return.

    If it knows that has allergies, can help to warn the vesicles avoiding the alérgenos. Also it has to have care of not sharing glasses, pajitas or products for the lips. Also it can avoid the use of clothes adjusted that it rubs incómodamente in the skin, especially in climates calurosos or humid. You has to use suitable attire for sports or physical activity, like socks with padded extra. The clothes that absorbs the humidity also can be useful. It keep his clean skin, keep a good hygiene and avoid the irritantes that could aggravate his skin. The soaps antibacterianos can help to avoid that the vesicles infect (and infections causantes of vesicles). Duchese Immediately after working or go in in contact with a possible irritante of the skin. In some cases, can not being possible to warn vesicles.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis When it has to call to his doctor?

    The majority of the vesicles, ampollas and ampollas can be treated with treatments without recipe and home-made remedies. In some cases, however, is a good idea call to his doctor. It consult to his doctor if ... You is experiencing signs of an infection, including swell, increase of the rojez, veto of the vesicle, and the heat in the place of the vesicle you is receiving vesicles or ampollas often or has a big number of ampollas and does not know why you has a band of painful vesicles in a side of his body or expensive, what could indicate knit you has diabetes and has vesicles or ampollas in his hands, feet or legs If it experiences a fast dissemination of vesicles, especially with an eruption, and symptoms like fault of breath, pain or seasicknesses, can be having an allergic reaction to the medicines.
    In these cases, has to look for immediate medical attention.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Treatment of vesiculitis

    The vesiculitis acute treats in a department of urology.
    It assign a diet semi-postal, an easy and soft diet.
    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Thermal procedures: Bathrooms sésiles hot - during 15-20 minutes. 2 or 3 times during the day; Heater in the perineal region; Microclysters with hot water (40 ° C) with the addition of 0,5-1 g of antipirina 2 or 3 times to the day.

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Farmacos And Treatment

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Cistitis, Infeccion of Bladder

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis Colestitis, Inflamacion of Vesicula

    how to treat seminal vesiculitis That it is Vesicula Biliar



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